Hello Farmaaish

Hello Farmaaish

Hello Farmaaish

In a forgotten hamlet, three village misfits home grow an experimental community radio to follow Kalpana Chawlas odyssey to space. The daily broadcast sets them off on a flight of imagination and misadventures.

As Space Shuttle Columbia takes off into the Earths outer orbit, down below teddy-bear makers at a rural NGO in a remote village hear the news of the astronaut Kalpana Chawlas mission into space. Minaz, a young, morbid girl and General Gita, her older, irate teacher set off on a mission to track the odyssey that captures their imagination.

But the cold reportage on Akashwani and BBC Hindi make the adventure feel more like data and less like discovery. And so they convince the local RJ Babloo to give them air space on his community radio. They begin hosting a show that explores the Universe out of their reach. But the deeper their journey goes, the more they find themselves in uncharted dimensions. From landing callers who wonder if buffaloes can fly, to advising a confounded farmer who confuses a black hole, with a mole on his donkeys hind quarters. The village turns to the unknown Space for all answers; their audience base keeps growing, making their weekend radio broadcast the top village favourite, next only to BR Chopra's epic Mahabharat.

This heartwarming play is the story of resourceful women with vivid imaginations, who find enterprising ways to traverse through time, distance and space.

Language: Hindi
Director: Yuki Ellias
Executive Producer: Niloufer Sagar
Producers: Dur Se Brothers
Writers: Yuki Ellias and Sneh Sapru
Translator: Vidit Tripathi
Lights: Pruthu Parab
Costumes: Priyanka Babbar
Crew: Vishnu, Karun, Vivek Jhadav, Asmit Pathare


18th Aug 2018 | 07:30 pm | Saturday

19th Aug 2018 | 04:00 pm | Sunday

19th Aug 2018 | 07:30 pm | Sunday




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